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In search of the “truth”

This blog is thought to accompany the Symposium “Replication and “Truth” in Music Psychology” that will take place on Tuesday, 24th July (17:00-18:30h) at the “12th ICMPC & 8th ESCOM Joint Conference 2012” in Thessaloniki. The blog will (soon) contain some background information on the symposium and the participants, and provide links to publications and presentations and to further material.

The incentive to organize this symposium came out a reflection of the ongoing discussion of replicability and other “issues” of the scientific method in the broader context of general psychology, biology, medicine and other sciences. A particular inspiration was the article “The decline effect and the scientific method” by Jonah Lehrer in the New Yorker. We — a team of six researchers working in Germany and the UK — decided to investigate the (still badly understood) decline effect in teh context of music psychology taking the widely cited but never replicated “Levitin Effect” as a target. The results of this large-scale (and independent) study will be reported on the symposium. Our growing interest in foundations of the process of generating truth” in a scientific community, which, after all, is also a psychological and sociological phenomenon in itself, resulted in the organisation of the symposium with the humble hope to get more people in our community interested in these topic, and to start a discussion.